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hakusensha Online
All Mochizuki Karin comicsare published
by hakusensha in Japan.
This company published hanatoyume and Lala
which is famouns girls comic magazines, too.

marumero banner
Marumero's room
site owner : wagashi

This page is private mochizuki karin fan page.
But now site owner is so busy that
updating was stopped.

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butterfly garden
site owner : choucho

This page is private mochizu karin fan page
All contents named like mochizuki karin comic title.
Chat, BBS, vote about her comic,
union of Mochizuki karin fan and a lot of infromation.

site owner : sorasora

This page has a lot of impressions
of karin's comics.
You can read List of comics
and her comic's pictures.

Kero chan's misterious magic site banner
Kero chan's
mysterious magic site
site owner : botan

This page has the introduce of Karin Mochizuki
titled "drop mo ikaga?".
And the introduce of Card Capter Sakura, too.

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hanayume de ikou !
site owner : Nayura-Myu

This page has big links of page which take up
comics of hanatoyume, Lala and Melody.

Amazon Japan
All mochzuki Karin Comic are saled.
Charge of delivery is a 1000 yen in Asia,
1200 yen in North America,
1450 yen in Eurpoe.
And service charge of one order is 300 yen.

mokka no hakoniwa