mokka no hakoniwa

about Karin Mochizuki

Karin Mochizuki's comics are serialized on Hanatoyume
(Hanatoyume is the girl comic magazine published by Hakusensha).

Now her published comic books are fourteen in Japan.

These books are all Hakusensha's comics.

Her first comic "distance of two (futari no kyori)"

appeared on Hanatoyume No.8 in 1992.

This story won the prize for sliver lily prize in HMC
(Hanatoyume Mangaka=cartoonist Course).

Silver lily prize is remarkable prize, of course, it got first prize, too.

Formal her debut story was next comic "boundary (kyoukai) "

on Hanatoyume No.21 in 1992.

* Karin Mochizuki*

Karin is name of quince or marumero tree and blossom in Japanese.

Mochizuki means full moon.

It is  pen name which she made in youth when she felt familiarity with nature.

She comes from Gifu prefecture in Japan.

Her birthday is November twenty-fourth, blood type is B.

When she was teenage, she had to stay away from school for a year to cure her sickness.

That experience exerted an influence on her life,

and the same time she could get a chance to study how to draw cartoon.

At first she sent her comics to another publishing company which she liked since childhood,

but she couldn't debut even if she is thought that she was able to do a good job.

So, she changed her mind and sent her comic to Hakushensha, at one try, she got first prize.

* Mokka *

Mokka is Karin of traditional herb medicine in Japanese.

mokka no hakoniwa